A Song for Hellas

Here you can find a number of little videos with songs inspired by the Greek culture. They are part of the repertoire of the First International "Bolko von Hochberg Song Competition", which was to take place in Görlitz in 2021. It will not be held until 2022. The song cycle "A Song for Hellas" is a small tribute to European and international philhellenism, which played an important role in the liberation of Greece, which began in 1821 (exactly 200 years ago).

The society Ars-Augusta e.V. offers to artists the opportunity to record the "Hellas" repertoire of the competition (or more Greek-Songs) free of charge in the society's studio in Görlitz. The next recording session is between June 9.-14., 2021.

The following artists already participate:


Georgia Tryfona & Danai Vritsiou (GR), Jan Bukowski (PL) & Eunkyeong Kim (Korea), Anna Binetta Diouf (DE) & Niki Liogka (GR), Nathaniel Kondrat (USA) & Ana Maria Lupu (Moldova), Maria Taxidou ( GR) and Katarzyna Neugebauer (PL), Tina Drolle (Slovenia) & Lisa Ochsendorf (DE), Martha Sotiriou & Dionysis Pantis (GR).

Further sound recordings are planned with the following artists:

Jessica Harper (Australia), Merlind Pohl (DE), Clémens Hirt and Remis Burnens (Switzerland) among others

Many thanks to everyone!


The songs can be followed with subtitles in several languages.

Information about the poet and composer can be found on the YouTube channel, on the description of each video:

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