Song of Hellas

The "Song of Hellas" project is a tribute to the song of philhellenism in world culture and will be initiated in 2021, 200 years after the outbreak of the Greek Revolution. In this way we would like to draw attention to the influence of this poetry and music on the enthusiasm for Greece at the beginning of the 19th century.

The love for the Greek idea ("Hellas") flourished again and again in several countries and in many artists.


Song of Hellas is a tribute to your art: an art that celebrates the ideals of classical music, Greek harmony, mythology, nature and spirit. Music from Schubert and Brahms to modern times, poetry from Sappho and Anakreon to Hörlderlin, Goethe and Lord Byron. The project is funded by the "Commission Greece2021" and is part of the Greece2021 celebrations.



We invite interested singers and pianists to book an appointment for a sound recording. The sound recording is free of charge and an overnight stay in Görlitz is also provided. The musicians get the sound and video recordings free of charge, and their contribution is visible all over the world via the website: A symbolic financial compensation is also provided. Incidentally, song recitals are organized by singers / pianists.


Upcoming recording sessions:


26.-29. July 

9-13 August (recording studio Ars-Augusta, Görlitz)

August 30th to September 4th

April 16 to September 22 and

October 4nd to 9th.

Please contact us for more information.


The premises in the studio on Augustastrasse in Görlitz. Georgia Tryfona and Danai Vritsiou, listening to the recordings, are few of the duos who have recorded songs to this day. The pianist Elenora Pertz and mezzo-soprano Merlind Pohl recorded songs by Franz Schubert in the studio.