Academia Ars Augusta

for music and theater

in Silesia

The chairwoman Eleni Ioannidou writes about the idea behind the establishment of the Academia Ars Augusta:


"My experience as a professional singer has shown me that there is nothing that is more useful for the development of young musicians than contact with the culture of other countries, especially with regard to musical traditions, as well as their practice under the guidance and cooperation with experienced masters and talented artists, especially at the beginning of an artist's career.


I was lucky enough to be able to gain a lot of experience in the course of my training. I had many teachers and worked with many conductors and directors in several theaters. I was able to observe what was didactically good and what was not particularly beneficial. Luckily I was able to study at a great academy like the Milanese "La Scala" under the famous singer Leyla Gencer, who paved the way for me to some beautiful theater stages.

At the same time, I was also a student at another academy in the European Union, where they looked at the roots of modern opera: "The rebirth of Greek theater in Renaissance Florence". The two-year course "Il Teatro e la Musica", founded by the Conservatory in Prato and the Theater Academy "Silvio d´Amico" in Rome, was a brilliant idea and one of the key experiences in my life.


In 2020 I feel strongly that many young artists are looking for mental guidance. The impresario of that time, the man who discovered and cultivated talent, no longer exists in the old sense. With the academy I founded in Görlitz, I want to open a door for these artists to help them follow their calling in this world.


We will work on projects on a regular basis. Each of these projects will take anywhere from one to four weeks. There will be plays that are being worked on, operas, chamber operas or projects of the "Recitar-Cantando". The Lusatian Baroque Ensemble will accompany the projects from early to romantic music. Other projects are performed with the piano or with the help of new music techniques (electronic music, playback recordings, etc.). We will also rediscover forgotten scores and texts, have them translated, digitized and printed.


After the rehearsals are over, concerts and performances will take place in suitable locations in Görlitz and the surrounding area. The artists will thus have the opportunity to present themselves and what they have learned in front of an audience. Audio and video recordings of the performances, which can be useful for later applications, are made available to the artists.

In this way I not only want to promote talent, but also keep "the spirit of theater and music" alive - from antiquity to the present and into the future! "


Eleni Ioannidou

Association chairwoman Ars-Augusta eV

Current project

The Silesian Apollo

Martin Opitz and the music. A tribute to the founder of the German school of poets and the early baroque composers in our region

Madrigals by Heinrich Schütz, Andreas Hammerschmidt and Constantin Christian Dedekind to poetry by Martin Opitz
Workshop and performances: June 20-28, 2021
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