From the collection of pictures of the Polish King Wladyslaw IV Vasa

We create the "Silesian Apollo"

Scenic presentation of madrigals based on the poetry of Martin Opitz

Opitzes poetry has something universal about it. He writes to the people or about the people of his times, but he uses (as is common in the poetry of the time) terms from Greek mythology. As a Protestant, the Greek ideal is often mixed up with the Christian ideal of the first times, free of the conventions of the catholic church.


The 5 singers and 5 instrumentalists are people from this period (around 1620) from Boleslawiec. But it could also be from our time, because our times are not happy either. At that time, the 30 Years War was going on and the protagonists are unhappy. They are looking for a way out into a world of harmony and light, into the world of Arcadia, Anacreon, Apollo, the muses of philosophy. They try to find that in the singing and on the stage of the "Perle of Zeliszow". The costumes should also be used in a future Monteverdi production "Orfeo".


Inspiration 1

Madrigalen: Il Ballo delle Ingrate
by Claudio Monteverdi

De Nederlandse Opera,
Amsterdam 2007
Director: Pierre Audi
Costume design: Patrick Kinmonth (Das Gewand)

Inspiration 2

by Claudio Monteverdi
2017 au théâtre de Caen

Les Arts Florissants

The place

(Pearl of Zeliszów in Bunzlau)


History: Young people are unhappy and are looking for light. Each one for himself and at a distance. They come from the back door in this room, you can see that they are lost, full of suspicion and suffering. They hide behind the columns. But as they sing they break free, come closer. They begin to discover the little joys in life. They gather on the stage, where they bring oriental carpets (Solomon's Song of Songs), pillows, fruit, and wine. They discover age-old ancient songs in old book notes, and they sing. These shared moments, discovering an old world, drinking, eating fruit, falling in love. And happily they leave the hall.


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