Artists / collaborators

In the four years of our association's activity, we have had a fruitful collaboration with dozens of artists, most of whom come from our region, but also from all over the world.

The result is a well-connected group of outstanding artists who livened up our projects and always enjoy working with us.

We are of course still open to new acquaintances and invite all artists to introduce us to their material or to visit us.

the Lusatian baroque ensemble

Enrique Gomez-Cabrero Fernandez

Piotr Jędrzejas

Szymon Komarcnicki

Manuel Miguel Michel

Jagoda Siegień

Rafał Majzner, Johanna Reithmeier, Jerzy Butryn, Magdalena Przybysz, Christian Bild and others

Katarzyna Neugebauer, Michał Red,

Wojciech Fudala et al

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