Digital version of an extensive anthology with music by Anna Teichmüller. It is also possible to print and mail the volumes (€ 16 per volume)

The sheet music comes from the library of the Prussian Cultural Heritage and the private collection of Mr. Sven-Alexis Fischer.
Release: September 2018
ISBN: 978-3-947231-00-3


Five poems by Carl Hauptmann 4 Death
Wind song

The moon rises upwards (Sao-Han - Hans Bethge) 19 Nocturnal excursion (Carl Hauptmann)
A mounted man (Gottfried Keller)
The lonely power (Carl Hauptmann)

Earth Childin's Lullaby (Carl Hauptmann)

How quietly shy children (Marianne Blaauw)

Incredible (Carl Hauptmann)
Spring Winds (Carl Hauptmann)

Doesn't sound like me (Gottfried Keller) 41 Reiterlied (folk song)
At the watch fire (Carl Hauptmann)
Maria (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Klein Christel (folk song)
The Reu (folk song)
Annel ́s Lied (Carl Hauptmann)
All your grace (Hans Reisiger)
Clair de lune (Verlaine)
Berceuse (Paul Dubray)
Sleep, sleep (Hebbel)
Ici bas - (Sully Prudhomme)
Trois princesses (Chanson de la Franche-Comté) 72 Finnish folk song
Where you are not - (from the Indian des

In my dreams home (Carl Hauptmann) 78 July night (F. Hugin)

The prisoner (folk song from Carniola)
In the twilight of the night (Carl Hauptmann)
Where no ray of light (Lenau)
Spring Song (Carl Hauptmann)
Waldnacht (Carl Hauptmann) for voice, piano and cello
Hymn to the Night (Carl Hauptmann) Duet for soprano, baritone and cello
Welt, du Wunder (Carl Hauptmann) trio for soprano, alto and baritone with piano and violin.

Anna Teichmüller / Anthologie. Band 1


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