Digital version of an extensive anthology with music by Anna Teichmüller. It is also possible to print and mail the volumes (€ 16 per volume)

The sheet music comes from the library of the Prussian Cultural Heritage and the private collection of Mr. Sven-Alexis Fischer.
Release: September 2018
ISBN: 978-3-947231-00-3


Anna Teichmüller (1861-1940) ANTHOLOGY - Part 2

Bees (Wolrad Eigenbrodt)

Eia, hush, hush! (Friedl Zacharias)
Red bird (gypsy saying)
I would like to have a little horse (Wolrad Eigenbrodt)
Evening wind (Wolrad Eigenbrodt)
From the heavenly door (folk song)
The Princess (Björnstjerne Björnson)
Lärchenbaum, mein Lärchenbaum (folk song) 24 "Frau Nachtigall" (Carl Hauptmann)
Blooming May (folk song)
Lullaby (Friedl Zacharias)
Birch leaf (Alwine von Keller)
Autumn sun (Alwine von Keller)
The reaper sings blessedly (Alwine von Keller)

Manchurian, ballad (Grete Ziegler Bock)

The Visit of Eros, Ballad (Anakreon)
The Two Ravens, Ballad (Scottish)

Seven small piano pieces

1. Mosquito dance
2. To fall asleep
3. Little waltz

4th song
5. Grief
6. Ellen's lullaby

7. Springinsfeld

In front of the Christmas door (A. von Keller)
Christmas (Carl Hauptmann)
Christmas carol (old text)
The soul tree (Ferdinand Avenarius)
The Christmas Star (Carl Hauptmann)
Swiąteczna gwiazdeczka (Polish translation)

Harp song (from the "King's Harp", C. Hauptmann)

Over silver waves (C. Hauptmann)
Oh, the bud trembles (folk song)
Benedictus for soprano, alto and bass with piano / organ
Abendlied (Carl Hauptmann) three-part a capella
Ostergesang (Carl Hauptmann) Small cantata for soloists and choir
The Georgian Princess (for piano)

Anna Teichmüller I Anthology, Volume 2


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