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For four years, our association has been promoting culture and international understanding with a focus on the forgotten cultural heritage, especially of the Upper Lusatia / Lower Silesia region, including the artists who live here.

Large projects are already behind us, but also many small events in churches, museums, castles, not to forget our culture salon in Augustastrasse in Görlitz. We also strive for the further renovation and use of architectural monuments and maintain a close cooperation with the "Dein Erbe" foundation, which strives for the renovation and use as a cultural site of the "Pearl of Zeliszow" near Bunzlau.

A big project for the year 2021 is the "First International Song Competition Bolko von Hochberg" in Görlitz (March 22-25, 2021).


in the Herrenhaus Gosswitz, Gerhart-Hauptmann-Haus, Carl-Hauptmann-Museum, Perle von Zeliszow etc.

Antonio Bioni

Rediscovery of the Venetian, court composer of the Breslau Opera with "La pace fra la virtu e la bellezza"


in the manor house Gosswitz, Carl-Hauptmann-Museum, Perle von Zeliszow, Augusta-Kultursalon and others

Silesian Apollo

Staged performance of the melodrama Pastorale by Antonio Lotti from the collection of Dresden baroque music.

Recording studio

Professional sound recordings (concerts, radio plays, demos) are possible at the headquarters of the association.

Giove in Argo

Staged performance of the melodrama Pastorale by Antonio Lotti from the collection of Dresden baroque music.

Bolko from Hochberg


Concerts, CD recordings, brochures, sheet music

Anna Teichmüller


CD recording, concerts, brochure, sheet music


about the Italian madrigal. With Enrique Gomez-Cabrero Fernandez in Kliczkow Castle and the "Pearl of Zeliszow".

Pearl of Zeliszów

Help for the further renovation of the monument and concepts for further use

G. Captain

Project "Gerhart and Carl Haupzmann rediscover" also within the framework of the Sharing Heritage Year 2018

Max Marshalk

Max Marschalk's music theater performed for the first time and recorded in image and sound.

the Lusatian baroque ensemble

Musicians from Poland and Germany who play on replicas of original baroque instruments



"First International Song Competition Bolko von Hochberg" 22.-25. March 2021 in the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theater


In the salon.

Readings / concerts / discussions / rehearsals

Artist meeting point

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