The Ars-Augusta e.V. society

Ars-Augusta eV is a non-profit association with the purpose in its statutes to promote and improve international understanding in the tri-border region through the media of culture, primarily music. This also includes the rediscovery and care of neglected or forgotten cultural heritage of the region, the communication of historical connections and the creation of understanding and new relationships between residents, artists and institutions. The renovation or revival of historical monuments is also one of the association's concerns.


The soul and founders of the association are the Greek-Polish opera singer Eleni Ioannidou and the author, musician and sound engineer Heinz Müller. The singer, who was born in Wroclaw, spent part of her childhood in Zgorzelec. Returning to her homeland three years ago revealed not only the enormous potential of the Polish-German city on the Neisse to become a real ambassador for the European idea, but also the enormous riches of cultural heritage of the region, which is largely forgotten. The revival of historically significant monuments, the rediscovery of the works of composers, writers and outstanding personalities is a goal of this new institution. The talent, the know-how and the professional equipment of the sound engineer Heinz Müller are a godsend with regard to your music projects, because this enables the documentation of this work and continues to be audible on sound carriers.


In the three years of our association's activity, we have met people and artists who share our vision of the culture, the idealism with which we work, and have become part of our team. 

Eleni Ioannidou

First chair

Opera singer


Heinz Müller

2nd chairman

Author / sound engineer


Gabriele Jokiel, Gabriele Schönfelder, Dorothea Braumann, Anneliese Karst, Franz-Peter von Boxalaer, Christine Ettrich.


Enrique Gomez-Cabrero Fernandez, Szczepan Dembinski, Kaja Gomez-Cabrero, Agnieszka Misiak, Aleksandra Bujalska, Prof. Marek Sadowski